Database Reactivation Service

Database reactivation uses Chatbots to reach out to your studio’s old customers and get them back in front of you! This ‘Activation Bot’ will continue automatically nurturing each old client for you until they get back in shop. This technology can increase repeat client appointments by 50% per month. The best part is, everything happens seamlessly in-app so you are not bogged down by having to reply to the inquires manually.

Database Reactivation



Full access to our leading SMS & inbound System- An over $120/Month Value!

Email & SMS Automation – We set up full automated email campaigns for all steps in your reactivation funnel.

Profitability Guarantee – Backed by a 100% refund!


Frequently Asked Questions

How Involved will I have to be?

You can be involved as much as you like! Whether you would like to have a active role in your marketing or would rather lay back and let our team do the heavy lifting, we are happy to help! We only ask that you are able to provide services for the increased volume of returning clients.

Does this include nurturing the clients?

Yes, it is included in the campaign. You will know the who, what, where, and when of each and every apointment set. We can even collect consultaion information like tattoo sizing, experence level, alergies, ect.

Is the client messaging able to be reviewed before launching

After filling out our onboarding form and the subsequent stratagy meeting, our team will curate offers and get it scheduled. We will be going over stratagies we can use during the stratagy meeting. We will also provide you with an email with login information to the dashboard to see and intreact with each client as they are brought back in store.

Other Services

Full Client booking Automation

Build forms and funnel pages to capture leads, user automated sms, email, phone calls, voicemails, and Facebook Messages to nurture leads through custom pipelines, converse with leads & clients via text, phone, integrate Facebook Messenger, and more!

Custom Solutions

We believe every studio can benefit from advanced tools without spending too much time and money. Our goal is to be effective and highly customized at the same time!

We’re offering 2 weeks of professional, custom development work, to help you on a project you’ve got going right now.

All we need from you is a problem you are facing in your business, and we will build a custom solution to your problem in 2 weeks or less.

Do not let time be an obstacle to designing or coding. We will do all the heavy work for you and let you focus on your core strength. We have industry vetted technologies and solutions for your projects.