About us

The story of SellTattoos started in the middle of 2020, when one day I woke up in the morning on a mission to get a tattoo. So I hopped up, pulled up google and started searching for local tattoo shops around me. I found one that looked perfect and when tried to book an appointment, I found their booking system to be nonexistent.

So I tried another tattoo studio and I had the exact same problem, then I tried another, and another until I nearly ran out of local tattoo shops in my area that had a viable way of taking on new clients in the midst of COVID.

 So, I built a system to ensure that no other potential client has to go through the same amount of strain to easily book an appointment, and for the tattoo shop to easily qualify and process the client. Along my journey I hired a few expert marketers to help out.

What came of it was a program called SellTattoos.com, a complete one-stop-shop system dedicated to exactly that, trying to help local studios have a much more painless operation for attracting, nurturing, and servicing new clients.

By using dynamic marketing services to adjust for an ever-changing market, to creating powerful automatons to save you or your desk manager hundreds of hours of manual booking, The systems we’ve created have a massive positive impact on not just your revenue, but a positive impact on every level of your operation.



We Make it Easy to Connect With Users On Every Platform

All the tools you need in one service without having to “duct-tape” multiple platforms together! You can be involved as much as you like in this process, whether you want to customize every step of the sales funnel or just be handed leads/customers, we can use our tech to make it happen.


Capture leads using our landing pages, surveys, forms, calendars, inbound phone system & more!


Automatically message leads via voicemail, forced calls, SMS, emails, FB Messenger & more!


Use our built in tools to collect payments, schedule appointments, follow up on your potential customers, and track analytics!